How to Time Your Pinterest Posts

Ready. Set. Pin.

These days managing social media has become a full time task. You need to put 1 post on 6 different outlets. Each outlet is similar, yet vastly different. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google +, Pinterest... The list grows. Tools like Hootsuite, are great for timing posts along with listening. Listening, means finding your audience online and your brand advocates. Although Hootquite has many great features, we find that when it comes to Pinterest it's not the right tool.

Viraltag, was founded in 2012, and was formely known as Pingraphy. Viraltag helps manage your visual content on marketing platforms. It's great for managing Instagram, but it is the best tool for posting Pins on Pinterest. You can set timed intervals and upload in bulk 30 pictures onto one or multiple boards, you can add weblinks, optimized descriptions, and more! You can save valuable time by uploading multiple pins using Viraltag.

Another great way to assess when to post on Pinterest is to test different times of the same or similar pin and see when it receives more traffic, but this infographic will also help you with timing your posts on Pinterest along with other platforms.

We're not surprised that Saturday morning is the peak time to post on Pinterest. Afterall, the majority of Pinners are women who are shopping, planning an event, or looking up craft ideas on a Saturday morning while still in PJs.

lifehack- whentopostsocialmedia.jpg

Infographic from

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