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Social Media Consultant NYC



Looking for a Social Media Consultant in NYC for your business? Sheer Concepts can create a social media plan for your business to help you get started. Whether you have an online business and need a clean up, or don't know where to begin, Sheer Concepts can assist you by being your social media consultant. 


Sheer Concepts will create a social media plan with specific guidelines that are relevant to your business. Sheer Concepts will work with you on every step to create a social media presence that works for your business. By hiring us to be your Social Media Consultant you will create an exciting environment for your brand and increase engagement. 


Need assitance with Facebook Ads? Sheer Concepts can guide you through the steps and how to budget your Facebook Ads. Hire us to be your Social Media Consultant, and we can help you create beautiful and grabbing Facebook Ads that will increase your web traffic or drive "likes" to your Facebook Page. You may need some branded social media graphics to get more clicks, but luckily we can provide you with whatever you need to boost your social media presence. 


Have questions about our social media consultant services? Contact us. We'd love to help you Keep it Social

Sheer Concepts works with brands in NYC, and can travel to meet you in your office to set up an in person consultation.  


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