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Tips for Your Facebook Business Page

Your Facebook Page is just as important as your website.

Facebook is making a lot of updates to Facebook pages, and we don't want you to fall behind. The algorithm of what will pop up on someones newsfeed and what to share is changing, which means your posts might need to change as well.

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1. Call-To-Action Button on Facebook Cover Photo - Make sure to connect this to your website, and use an appropriate button for your fans! Facebook will also share the analytics of how many clicks your getting!

2. Short & Sweet - Keep your posts under 80 characters, this will help maximize the views. Also, Facebook is now giving less views to posts that sound like a sales pitch - "Check out our sale!" "buy this.." won't work in the Facebook world. Facebook doesn't want their users to get annoyed by sales and spam.

3. Short Videos - Videos will be receiving more viral traffic this year. Take a short and sweet video of your product, team, or anything else creative! It will draw attention to your brand.

4. Facebook Ads/Promoted Posts - This will continute to be a great and effective way to market to your target demographic. Make sure to use the right social media graphics, and watch those posts get "liked."

5. Post Frequently - Post about 1x a day if you have between 1k-5k followers, if you are a larger brand 2x works too! Keep your posts interesting, and share links from your blog! Original content will dominate social media in 2015!

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