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Why You Should Create Videos for Your Social Media Pages (Facebook, Instagram...)

"Video Killed the Radio Star"... In Social Media the VIDEO can make you a STAR!

If you're looking at your social media stats the past few months you will realize that your posts are not getting as much traffic as before. You're probably frustrated. Not only is Facebook pushing users to use "boosted" posts and ads, to get the word out about your brand, but in some ways Facebook is democratic and with it's data and fancy algorithms, has noticed that users want VIDEOS!

In January 2015, Facebook reported that over 50% of people in the US who come to Facebook daily watch at least one video per day (TechCrunch). It doesn’t break out how many of those are auto-played but did noted that over 65% of Facebook video views occur on mobile. Facebook also reported that they are receiving 3 billion video views per a day. Meaning, consumers love videos!

What does this mean for your brand? How can you compete? You can't hire a fancy videographer, but that's okay! Here are a few tips!

1- Use your video smartphone - You can create a 30 second video on your phone, and no one will judge the poor quality because it's Facebook! Own a bakery? Show how you make that delivious cupcake? Consumers love to see the behind the scenes of a company.

2- Create a photo video - Compile some great photos of your brand, customers, and products, and put them into an app like Flipogram. These quick videos are great because you can add text over them to emphasize your brand and share your website!

3- Keep videos short! - We all know that people have a short attention span. We suggest keeping videos under 1 minute.

4- Track videos - Facebook gives great analytics on how many views your video received. Watch how your video gets attention, and who knows, it might go viral!

5- Don't go overboard! Although videos are great for increasing traffic and engagement, don't become a one- dimensional page. Still post links, pictures, text, and more to engage your followers!

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