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How to Use Instagram for Business Leads and More!

Get Instant LOVE from Instagram.

In 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for $1 Billion. Instagram at the time was just a startup with about 4 employees. Now, it's everywhere and their icon is used on many products by businesses that want their network to use Instagram.

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At SheerConcepts, we see medium and small businesses benefiting from the wonders of Instagram. We've been able to find bloggers in the area to come into local businesses and write about them- Great exposure and Great for SEO! We've also been able to keep in touch with customers on Instagram because they post their purchase and use a business hashtag or tag the businesses Insagram account. We then listen and follow and interact with the customers. It's great exposure and creates word of mouth!

As small business struggle to achieve the same klout as big brands, Instagram is a little more managable thant Twitter. The life of a Tweet is about 8 minutes, on Instagram your message can last longer. Also, engagement on Instagram is much higher than on Twitter, especially for smaller brands. Engagement in the past 2 years has increased by 416% on Instagram, so if you don't have an account (SimplyMeasured)! You better get started. If you need help getting started, we can provide a social media consultation.

Feeling overwhelmed that you have another social media account to monitor and update? You can RECYCLE images. You can use the same images from Instagram on Facebook. Plus, Facebook posts with images receive a lot more engagement than a post with just words.


TOP 10 Instagram Tips:

1. Use relevant hashtags

2. The average post is 138 characters long (including hashtags)

3. Use videos & photos - share branded social media graphics

4. Use @mentions where applicable

5. Follow and engage current and potential customers

6. Listen to your brand (search for your hashtag and for mentions)

7. Use location tagging where applicable

8. Post between 9am-5pm EST (you can still get lots of traffic at night, but start early!)

9. Post once a week if you're a small/medium business

10. Make sure your instagram description includes your website!


Still need help with your social media strategy or managing your social media accounts? Contact us for a social media consultation.

Sheer Concepts is located in NYC and provides social media consultations, social media management, graphic design services, and additional marketing services for luxury brands, small businesses, and art focused brands. Sheer Concepts integrates design, social media, and branding to create an engaging space for current and potential customers.

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