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Facebook Ads for Super Bowl & Valentine's Day... and Why You Need to Start Your Campaign ASAP!


Business Growth

Facebook Ads are perfect for generating traffic to your website, viral marketing, and getting more page likes! With Facebook Ads you can easily hone in on your target demographic, set up a budget, and watch how the clicks increase.

Recently, we've set up a few campaigns for our clients. One is targetted for more page likes, while the other is to increase clicks to the website. One is product specific, while the other is more general. Ideally, you should be as specific as possible, in order to not waste money on weak clicks.

One of the great things about Facebook Ads are the demographics. Users can select from - age, zip codes, interests, marital status, education levels.... It's endless and you can see how far your ad reaches.

Facebook Ads demographcis

Another useful feature of Facebook Ads is the graphics. Yes, more social media graphics! You can test 6 graphics and see which image is receiving the most traffic. This can help you create better ads and optimize those clicks!

What we've noticed from our ad campaign is a click or like can cost from 30 cents - 70 cents. If it's costing you over a $1 a click, you may want to revisit your demographics. It might be too narrow or your message may not be strong enough.

Here are some snapshots of campaigns we recently set up for the Super Bowl, while the other is for Valentine's Day.

London Gold Facebook Ad
The Art Studio NY Facebook Ad
The Art Studio NY Facebook Ad

Need help creating your Facebook Ad Campaign? Contact us for a social media consultation.

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