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The Future of Social Design - Microsoft Hololens

Simply WOW.

It is incredible how technology and innovation is changing our world. Recently, I came across an incredible product by Microsoft called Hololens. This will inspire you and perhaps be a little creepy, but imagine the possibilities. Product designers will love this! Plus there could be many social media capablilites. It's like FaceTime meets Photoshop meets steroids!

Architects, interior designers, specialists, and even your friends can create holograms in your space in real time to show you what a 3D product would look like. Imagine all the services that could be offered from afar and brought to your own home or office!

This is the FUTURE. It looks pretty exciting!

Check out the video of the Hololens by Microsoft, and let us know what you think. What would you use it for? Could this boost your business?

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