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Social Media Guide for 2015

"The difference between a dream and a a plan!" - Anonymous

Are you crunched for time, but need a plan for your social media? You know you need to update your social media regularly, but you cannot afford a Social Media Manager. First, try hiring a social media consultant. To help you write up a plan or guide for your business. We've come with our own guide below to show you that if you spend 15 minutes on your social media a day, you can easily see results. This a more general guide, meaning you business may require something a little different.

5 Quick Tips:

1. Pick your top 3 social media platforms and spend 5 minutes on each platform! 3 minutes of reading and browsing and 2 minutes of posting!

2. Don't share 5 posts in one day and then become a ghost town.

3. Learn to schedule posts at peak hours. Generally 9am-7pm. If you are an international business you may want to post at times your followers are up. Try different times and look at your Facebook analytics to tweak the timing.

4. Use graphics, share links, and ask questions.

5. Mix it up. Say on Monday and Wednesday you post links, Tuesday and Friday you post pictures, Thursday and Friday you post a video or inspiration, and Saturday and Sunday you promote your business... Don't become a boring page. Have a variety of relevant content!

Quick Social Media Schedule:

Monday - Post an interesting article on Facebook, Twitter, Google +

Tuesday - Post a PHOTO or Social Media Graphic on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Wednesday - Post an industry link on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter

Thursday - Post a Video on Facebook, Linkedin, Google +

Friday- Post a Photo of Social Media Graphic on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Saturday - Post a link from your website to drive new customers on Facebook, Twitter, Google +

Sunday - Post a link with intersting information about your business, share a special discount or offering to Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter


Look up hashtags that are relevant to your industry. Spend 5-10 minutes on Twitter trying to search for your services and see what your competition is using. #hashtag...

Want more help with your social media strategy? Contact us for a social media consultation and/or social media audit.

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