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Reasons Your Business Should Hire a Social Media Consultant

ORGANIZE Your Social Media.

15 years ago nobody would understand you if you said, "My social media is a mess!" Well, in the past 10 years, we hear it all the time.

Many people don't know where to start with their social media plan. Businesses are so focused on running their business that many key marketing tools are ignored. If a business is using social media, and doesn't have an inhouse marketer constanly updating social media outlets, chances are it's a bit of a mess. Even large brands start to have "messy" social media because their are multiple hands touching the outlets and posting content without a clear strategy or message.

Hiring a Social Media Consultant is a great way to fix the mess! Here are 5 ways a Social Media Consultant can help your business.

1. Clean the Mess - A social media consultant can help you streamline your social media outlets. Having a clear message and description for each outlet, and making sure that all the links are valid, pages are merged, locations are accurate, and logos are up to date.

2. Suggest Content - A Social Media Consultant can come up with fresh ideas to engage fans and followers. Is your content flat? Too wordy? A Social Media Consultant can give tips that will increase engagement.

3. Branding - Most Social Media Consultants understand the beauty of a brand and the importance of marketing! Social media graphics and branding on social media outlets are important for creating a strong social media presence.

4. SEO - Social Media Consultants have an understanding of SEO and how to implement it into a social media strategy. 5-10 keyword changes and proper links can impact your Google ranking.

5. VOICE - Social Media Consultants can help your outlets have a voice! Basically, if you want to make jokes in your posts, make sure it translates well. If you're planning to write diary everytime, maybe it's better to blog and say less on Facebook and Twitter. Whatever you pick, stick to it and be "THAT GUY!" It might be: funny guy, always has an opinion guy, pic guy, motivational quote guy, inappropriate guy, or the sleek and classy guy...

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