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How long should a Facebook post be?

Keep it Short Meets Keep it Social.

I had an English teacher in high school that would tell her students that an essay should be like a woman's skirt, "Long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to be interesting." She was clearly very wise, and this is the best advice for managing your social media.

In our content obsessed society, it's rarely a good thing to go on and on! When it comes to posting on Facebook, you want to keep it under 80 characters. Why? Because research says so! Of course, sometimes you will have to go a bit above 80 to get some improtant information across, but if you keep it short you will see more views, comments, and overall engagement. Basically, society is being bombarded by information every second, and no one has the patience for your really long posts. If you have a lot to say and need more than 80 characters.... start a blog!

If you need to get more information across, try a compelling and beautiful graphic to express your extra characters. Sending a message visually can have a great impact on your network. Even better, put your logo on the graphic to emphasize your brand.

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Courtsey of FastCompany.

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