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5 Simple SEO Tips

Be #1.

I recently spoke to an SEO guru working with large brands on boosting their Google ranking. Isn't that what we all want? To be #1 on Google?

Here are 5 things I learned that will keep your business relevant in the Google world.

1. Google Analytics - Track. Analyze. Repeat. - If you have not yet installed Google Analytics on your website. Get started. It's pretty much copy/pasting code into your website, and then you can start stalking... wait, TRACKING your visitors. Are they coming from South Africa? New York City? Are they spending 5 hours on your site or 5 seconds? All of this information will make you a better marketer and help you understand your customers.

2. Linked Pages - Connect your pages to other pages within your site. Have your friend with a website link your page to their website. The more you're out there, the more popular you are!

3. Page Titles - Although marketers LOVE being creative with catchy marketing phrases, save those for graphics, Facebook posts, or hashtags. Basically, make it easy for Google to file your page into the proper category. If you're selling ice cream, don't make your page title, "desserts rock" - make it "the best ice cream."

4. Start a Blog - You've heard it a hundred times, but it helps. You can link to pages, you become a resource, hopefully your posts are interesting enough to share on social media.

5. SOCIAL MEDIA - Yes, having that Twitter page, Instagram account, Facebook page, and Google Plus, will all help your SEO rank. Your website will be linked to these sites which have a lot of klout. Plus, these are great platforms to drive traffic to your website!

Have questions on how to get started with your SEO and Social Media Mangement? Contact us!

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