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Branded Social Media Graphics

Keep it Social Meets Photoshop.

We are all visual creatures. Sometimes COLORS speak louder than words, and as the famous quote goes.. a picture is worth a thousand words!

In our visiual culture, you can gain tremendous engagement on your website and on social media, with compelling graphics. Brand your graphics with your logo, use fonts and colors from your website. You can showcase your message and your product to create an engageming and compelling statement.

Don't know where to start?

4 Steps

1. Use a photo-editing software. We like Adobe Photoshop.

2. Find a product or quote that is relevant to your brand.

3. Insert your logo/product/ web address.

4. Post on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter and other social media outlets.

Here are a few examples of Social Media Graphics by Sheer Concepts.

art studio graphics-02.jpg
happy holiday -lg.jpg

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